Catalog Upload - File Attachments
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    Catalog Upload - File Attachments

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    This topic details file attachment imports and includes a sample template.

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    Catalog Upload - Additional Attributes


    File Attachments are uploaded using the Additional Attributes file and specifying the attribute type of attachment.  

    The columns of the file are used in slightly different ways than is typical for the Additional Attributes template.

    Additional Attributes Upload Template

    The Additional Attributes Upload Template is also used for File Attachments.  


    Catalog Upload - File Attachments

    Attribute Type = attachment

    ColumnDescriptionRequiredMax LengthSample Value

    SKU is also supported
    This is the Suppliers Part Number for the Parent Product that has File Attachments available.

    Use the part number your customer would search for

    attribute_typeThis is the Type of attribute being uploaded.

    Must be attachment for file attachment support. 
    Yes N/Aattachment ('pdf' is also supported
    attribute_nameThis is the Title of the Attachment that will be shown on the front-end.YesN/AProduct Manual
    attribute_valueThis is the URL of the AttachmentYesN/
    Use keyboard characters only. If a non-keyboard character is needed, use HTML encoding for it. For example:  ® for registration mark.

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